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Good Lads 
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Post Good Lads
I recieved this from the writers of this Mail today
See what you think
Dear All,

You may remember some time ago, I requested from you, that if anyone had experienced bad or poor service from the SPVA, the MoD or DWP regarding service injuries or combat injuries, to contact me. I had recently taken the Government at that time to a formal Tribunal and had won my case. I had proved the system was not working

I was swamped by so many of you that felt so strongly that you had to e mail me and give me your support, it went into the thousands. I received e mails of support from as far as Australia, America and our Canadian colleagues from their own Theatres of operations.

More importantly I was approached by 32 others, who themselves had experienced little or no awards or staggering failures in the promise of a World Class System of Treatment, Support and Benefits. Most of these people asked if I could help or represent them, with my own case at the same time to the Defence Secretary. Some of these people are highly decorated from their actions in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, there are also ex members of our Special Forces, or ex servicemen and servicewomen from all of our conflicts going back to the Falklands Campaign who are still suffering and in some cases, paying for their own treatment.

I recently received a letter from an SPVA representative based in Whitehall. In his letter, he advised me to contact the DWP regarding my case. Funny thing is, the Department for Work and Pensions, seems to recommend that I contact the SPVA (CATCH 22 SITUATION)? Within the last paragraph of his letter, I was advised that I should recommend anybody who has a problem with their war pensions or Service Pensions and Veterans Agency awards, should contact the SPVA on the free phone number. The fact that all of these people have done this already, some on countless occasions, is insulting at best.

I was stunned that our Defence Secretary can demonstrate such breathtaking and incomprehensibly low levels of compassion or interest to our wounded or injured colleagues that have experienced such failures in the covenant, by simply not replying! Yet in the week of 23rd to 29th March, a Defence Minister and Government spokesman appeared on GMTV and stated that if anybody is failed by the system, he wants to know about it?

I have now teamed up with Martin Edwards (the new face of the Poppy appeal) as we are both from Leeds and we are both trying to accomplish the same thing.

Eric Larkin and Alex Esslemont have set up a website called for forgotten heroes. There is a Forum and guest book section to leave comments. We want to know about anybody else who wouldn’t mind being mentioned or featured on the web site and who also would like to be considered for media coverage. You can contact me, Martin or Eric through this website by clicking on click here to e mail this site.
I have the opposition Shadow Defence Secretary now working on this issue. We are trying to plan the feasibility of a gathering/protest, not to dissimilar to the recent Gurkha appeal in front of either Parliament or the MoD. We want to publicly demonstrate, that there are too many of us slipping through the so called World Class system. We want to show that we will not be ignored. We finally want to raise such public awareness, that the Government will be embarrassed into action and that they will be unable to further ignore, that their promise of a World class system of Treatment, Support & Benefits, is failing badly and undermining the confidence of our Armed Forces and the public.

Finally, I am in the planning phase of a charity appeal. Martin is also planning to hold a volunteer Assault Course to be confirmed around the June time and I am planning to, with the assistance of my Regimental Museum later on this year, sometime around Aug or Sept, to do a tandem bike ride for SSAFA, from Lands end to John O’Groats. I would like for you all to consider making even a small donation when the time comes for both Martin and me for our charities. Subject to confirmation, the account details to pay to will by held by The Royal Dragoon Guards Regimental Museum, to help keep everything above board and Bristol fashion.

I look forward to hearing from you guys and remember, the more we keep pushing this subject, the more they have to take notice.


Adam & Martin

Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:14 pm
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Post Re: Good Lads
I hope they get a result , I am still waiting for mine as the SPVA have said that as I was discharged 1991, it is now out of time even thou I have writen nearly every year for my Compo all they did was increase my war pension by 1% payable from 65 birthday.


Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:30 pm
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