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An idea whose time may have come 
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Post Re: An idea whose time may have come
We cannot buy a Military Hospital but we can with some sort of protest action
show we are showing an interest even IF IT IS FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE

Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:57 pm
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Post Re: An idea whose time may have come
Hi Ron

It is always a useful exercise, when you have formed a defence, to have a third party come along to try to rebut the defence case. However, in this case the defence hasn't been formed let alone plead.
We are at the very formative stages of looking at the formation of a suitable vehicle with which we can achieve our aims. At this early stage, and in-line with Geordie Winkless's original idea we are looking at the formation of a British Military Charitable Trust Hospital which would treat all and any service personnel, their relatives and ex-services as well. That having been said we are aware that staffing such a hospital would not be easy as the relevant expertise would not readily be available.
It may be that we will have to adapt our aims and be pragmatic about what we are trying to achieve and how we achieve it. To try to build a facility to treat just battle wounded is just not practicable, surgeons and doctors with the skills to deal with battle injuries; which may involve gun shot wounds, blast injuries, neurological injuries, burns etc do not come ten a penny. The most we could hope for is that battle wounded get their initial and immediate follow-up treatment from the very best source available, that is, without question only available from the NHS at the moment although undoubtedly some of the surgeons, doctors and specialist medical staff are also serving military working alongside the NHS. Perhaps it would be better to offer recuperative and convalescent facilities so that the wounded can recuperate in a military environment which may be more conducive to a speedy recovery than an NHS one.
However in terms of general medical treatment we are also looking at the possibility of taking the project a whole step further and providing a general hospital for the treatment of Services, Families and Veterans as a specific alternative to an NHS hospital should they wish to avail themselves of the service, a sort of services BUPA if you will.
Of course we would need to register with the Charities Commission and we shall be preparing the way for registration as part of our setting up a charity. We have not fully formulated our aims or, indeed, put them in a formal submission so I think it far too early to say our aims are ambiguous.
We are looking at the possibility of enlisting the help of a member or members of the Army Legal Services or perhaps an ex member who is willing to work pro bono. Much will depend on how the MOD perceive us.
The ideal would be to have the hospital staffed by regular and TA soldiers, this would be of benefit to both parties as the Services would gain valuable training and we would gain staff. To do this we would have to persuade the MoD to accept the hospital something along the lines of PFI, the charity provide and maintain the bricks and mortar the MoD staff it, again this is something which will require careful consideration and may well be the result of prolonged negotiation.
Your questions are extremely helpful Ron, they are helping us to put together a coherent and persuasive argument. Any input is welcome, we can't possibly think of everything and it is often the case that you think you have a watertight case only to have someone come along and make a crucial point you hadn't even considered, far better that questions are raised during the formation of a case rather than at the testing of that case.

Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:24 am
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Post Re: An idea whose time may have come
Well Ron you bring up some good points and they should be addressed.
We have already thought about including the ALS or at least use their association to contact a member who would help.
Legally anyone can set up an organization to persue whatever aims they may have provide it is lawful. This does not have to be a charity to begin with.
The Charity Commission exists to help people set up new charities as well as regulating them and at some point they would have to be contacted. However it is slightly more complex than that as some charities must be registered as limited companies before becoming a charity.
What will be provided by the charity is something for the charity to decide in full consultation with all interested parties. This could be a brand new Military Hospital or it could be another Military Wing in an existing NHS site. Having read some government background information on this I think there would be strong political opposition to the re-opening of a full blown BMH, charitable or otherwise.
Who gets treated in whatever we end up with is indeed another point of debate, there is a draft charter for the proposed charity and it includes vetrans and those injured in the service of the country - both psychological and physical injuries are included. This is important if for no other reason than a contiuned duty of care towards those who have and are giving of themselves in our (the publics) service.
This is just over a week old now and some clarification is emerging but it will be a long process and cannot possibly happen overnight. It will need lots of help from many people.
One aspect of the organization (and in the charter) is a commitment to raising public awareness, this could and shold include bringing pressure to bear where it is needed, as Bear says in his post

We cannot buy a Military Hospital but we can with some sort of protest action
show we are showing an interest even IF IT IS FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE

Please don't **** out, your opinions are as valid as anyones and a critical eye is no bad thing.


Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:47 am
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